photo by Lars Skaaning

The festival program for Nørgård in New York is a comprehensive presentation of my music, and I am very grateful for this endeavor. It is difficult not to be both touched and impressed by the work done by the musicians and ensembles involved in presenting my music to audiences in New York.

The works in the program come from different periods of my production, and I hope that my music will open the ears of the NY audience for new melodies and new beginnings.

– Per Nørgård

About The Festival

Per Nørgård is one of the world’s greatest living composers, with a vast and diverse catalogue spanning decades, and comprising one of the most important bodies of musical work of the 20th and 21st centuries. Nørgård's fascination with the mechanics of the natural world led him to develop revolutionary techniques, in particular the Infinity Series, an endless process of pitch and rhythmic development incorporating the ‘Golden Ratio’ found everywhere in nature, and his concept of Tone Lakes, a radical, fractal explosion of the Infinity Series. In a unique resonance with American music, Nørgård also developed a personal language of minimalist techniques, influenced by but quite distinct from the American minimalism of the 1960s and ’70s. Nørgård’s music defies categorization; it can be at once minimal and maximal, gorgeous and fearsome, violent and gentle – it is the work of a mind constantly evolving.

Despite his unsurpassed international reputation, and his synergies with American composers, Nørgård's music has been strangely absent from America’s concert halls, depriving American audiences of a unique and vital voice in contemporary music. Nørgård in New York intends to change this, with a 3-concert festival, June 16-18 in New York City, surveying the entirety of Nørgård’s career. Featuring Lost Dog New Music Ensemble, the Momenta Quartet, soprano Sarah Joy Miller, and percussionist Neeraj Mehta, Nørgård in New York will allow American audiences to experience in full the incredible genius of this titanic artist of our time.